Christopher Reid Martin is a multidisciplinary artist, currently residing in Los Angeles. He first began working with sound in Orange County in 2004, under the moniker Shelter Death Initially started strictly as experimentation with sound utilizing unorthodox methods such as such as broken amps and manipulated radio signals for a peculiarly isolated formulated expression. These novel explorations were used to produce a handful of cd-r’s and tapes releasedon Via Injection, Irrational Tenttent, and A.C.T.I.O.N. audio/performance project amongst many by Christopher Reid Martin, sound, video, and performance.

Christopher has and continues to show work in several art shows and has performed live in numerous events and projects such as Bailouts, Via Injection, Shelter Death, Rotary ECT, Gate (with Michael Morley), and under his birthname. Instrumentation and expression is not limited toguitars, ladders, overhead projectors, contact mic’d items, live video, andsynthesizers. He has performed and collaborated with artists Joseph Hammer, Bryce Loy, Tetuzi Akiyama, James Roemer, Andrew Scott, Gabie Strong, Michael Morley, Lev Abramov, and Daniel Hipolito. Christopher is a lead curator at Coaxial Arts Foundation, a non-profit multi-disciplinary media arts organization devoted to the support of media, sound and performance art which hosts  residencies, studio space, technical support and public exhibition space for live events to showcase underground artists whose works are often not exhibited in galleries. Here he has facilitated and curated experiemental video screenings, music, performance, and educational events to help facilitate and expand boundaries of multiple artistic cultural communities. 

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